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About Me

Using a variety of materials Emma bases her work largely on issues regarding class, consumerism and culture, focusing on the struggles and divides between and within different social circles.

“My art has been a constant journey through my growing awareness of social hierarchies within Greater London, my home.”

Pluralism has particularly informed Emma’s work ethos, and the confusing position she feels she has, within the society she has always lived.

“At initial glance my work can seem parochial, stereotypical, or politically incorrect, but it is important to me that ideology does not interfere with realism , so I portray my observations as I recognise them.”

We are born into social class without a choice, but as we learn about the world we can decide to go up, down or stay put.


I Heart You - Emma Critchley - Artist, Edgware North London  

I Heart You
Public Signpost and Spraypaint
Feb 2010

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